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Low Hangers Banging Up On Sweet Boy Butt: You’ll spot the alpha male fucker of these two buff twinks as soon as you see the sperm tanks swinging between his legs. This top’s heavy ballsack hangs in the heat as he drills his blank fuck up his young mate’s tight hole, nuts smacking up against the muscled ass until it’s time to pop his payload. 2257

Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop Blake Hanson & Max Bishop

Young eagle-inked blond, Blake Hanson, has never been the kind of guy to turn down the attentions of a pretty face, so it’s no surprise that his gun is distinctly primed when encountering new-boy Max Bishop on a park bench. Not that he dresses for the occasion, it must be said – a cowboy hat and the skimpiest pair of shorts imaginable are all he’s wearing! – but of course that only makes it all the easier for Bishop to gain immediate access to the thick, veiny shaft that Hanson keeps stashed in his crotch!

And gain it he does – big style! Before you know it, Bishop’s hungry lips are sliding up and down his pal’s knob, feasting on all that hard flesh with the kind of gusto we love from our boys, and which is soon replicated by Hanson himself. But don’t assume it’s just cock-sucking that these two beauties are interested in. Soon Bishop is indulging in some rather enthusiastic tea-bagging, sucking on Hanson’s low-hangers whilst laid out on the bench; before roles are reversed and Hanson returns the favour by eagerly rimming his mate’s pucker.

No doubt about it, these lads are both as horny as fuck – a condition that’s only confirmed when Hanson finally buries his dick deep into Bishop’s ass-hole. What follows is a jizz-churnin’, nad-bustin’ fuckathon that sees the new guy banged in almost every conceivable position, and which only concludes when both lads spew copious quantities of pent-up boy-juice courtesy of mutual hand-jobs. Your own appreciative hand-job is nigh on guaranteed!

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Roy really surprised me when I met him. I am sure you all have seen a ton of bathroom mirror pics taken with a digital camera/phones. Most of the models submit these. After nearly a decade of viewing these images, I am usually pretty good about judging a guy’s dimension. Roy’s pics I had him in the short and muscly category. Instead he is a giant slab of beef. 6′1″ and 210 pounds and built like a star quarterback. He works in security, and the dude just oozes “presence”. His biceps must be as big as my quads! I would feel “secure” with those protecting me! He is straight, likes to get rough, but not TOO rough with the ladies, and has no interest in fucking them in the ass. I think our chances of getting him back to Top a dude are pretty slim. Typical of a gym dude, he is all shaved up, and I did try to get some growth back. His pubes were shaved bald when I first saw his him, so he came along nicely. He plays to the camera well, and gives us his trademark eyebrow raise now and then. His cock is ample and even though he strokes it rabidly, he stops and shows it off. Other than his thick and ultra-white cum shot, I think what stood out most in this video was the sound of his balls bouncing up and down on the couch. If you like low-hangers and bouncy balls, you will love this Grade A piece of beef!

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Our two models Chad Stevens and Alec Blair are here today to get down to it. Chad is a gay boy and for our treat, he’ll be barebacking Alec, who’s straight. Neither seem to have a problem with the scene for so get your lube and play along as Chad pops a cherry hole. Alec drops to his knees and makes Chad moan, “more, please.” I guess chad’s cock cannot tell Alec is straight; watching Alec’s head bob, I don’t think Chad cares. Taking one for the team, Alec bends over the back of the futon.

“You are tight,” quips Chad as he has to reposition the bottom; “pop it up a little” requests Chad determined to get in that hole. Going in balls deep from the start, Alec gasps and then relaxes. From the back, Chad’s low hangers bounce against the bottom’s taint, nice. On his back, Alec seems to be liking the sensation as he whimpers and moans. After a nice plundering, Chad quickly pulls out and blows a nice-sized load onto his partner. Alec follows with a hot long jerk, he then warns he is going to cum. As he releases a sweet load onto his torso, I can’t help but think that Alec is a natural bottom, regardless of his sexual orientation.

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It’s so hot when guys from different ethnicities come together; of course just seeing them cum is a treat in itself. These two hotties are Shisone Nagasaki and Clinton James. They are both sexy and horny from the start. By the time Shisone sucks Clinton’s cock, it is up and raring to go, in Shisone’s mouth, that is. Face fucking the Asian boy, Clinton relishes the warm wet mouth. With Clinton’s reciprocity, Shisone is ready to share the love; that’s amore.

Inverting Clinton into a jack hammer position, then missionary, Shisone is all up in Clinton’s business, as well as his hole. The dirty talk between these twinks is explicit and plentiful, just the way we like it; may have to use one of these lines next time I’m "spelunking." Clinton’s low hangers cover at least half his cock while he’s on his back, and dangle to the ground once he’s put on all fours. Back on his back, Clinton jerks to orgasm and sprays the pool’s deck with love; Shisone follows with what I would consider a full "white out" blowing "eyeward" onto Clinton. The bottom then crawls to the water to splash off the fun, but finds that Shisone’s "love" is meant to last, at least until Clinton can go inside and use some soap; the best things in life do tend to stick! 2257

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