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Our producer went on a filming expedition to gay Africa and he brought back a gold mine of hot and horny videos with the cutest black twinks you have ever seen. Today we show the first one. They always say that African guys have big cocks, and you will not be disappointed with this video. You will see 19 yo old Chui while he gets it deep up the ass from his friend Eric. Eric we have seen before and his cock is so big almost no one can take it. Even Chui hurts a little, as you can see in the second pic. But he take it like a man, and in the end he shoots a huge load as if he did not cum for a month! Then he swallows Eric’s creamy cum to top it off.

Wild bareback action all the way and this is a really hot gay African porn video with some of the cutest black twinks you’ll ever find.


Isaac is a military dude that was kind enough to leave his chest hair alone. The initial photos I saw of him he actually had some, though you could tell it was a bit overly manscaped. So he left it alone for you fans of the hirsute dude.
Isaac is “almost” 5′7″ tall so he is a ‘lil guy, but he sure got some height on his dick. He says it is about 7.5 inches, but it sure seems bigger to me, most likely because of his small frame.
Though I think his coolest feature is his set of sea foam green eyes that sparkle. You can tell he loves to laugh his attitude is simple and good-natured.
He’s going to be traveling out of the country soon, but I think I can get him in to do a few videos. I’d love see that big dick of his in actions, and maybe test out his nipples to see just how sensitive they are.

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It is time for you to meet the rather sexy Greg he is 22 years old and has an amazing body that you could happily spend your life caressing and licking! He is totally new to modelling as he is just finished his degree in Journalism and has moved to London in search of work. Greg is been a big fan of BLAKEMASON for a while and with some free time on his hands, he decided to apply. It took just one look at his pics for me to jump on the phone and ask him if he was up for it and Greg was just as keen to be filmed as I was to film him!

So with things all set up he hops on the bed and we begin our chat. Greg truly is a lovely fella with a big smile and lots to say… we talk about his degree, his first times, best times and what he likes to get up to behind closed doors. But hey, as much as I like to chat I also like to see a stunning naked guy in front of me! Greg strips down and shows off a very tight physique, a six pack to die for, pert pec muscles and a perfectly round backside…and from there is just left to enjoy himself.

Greg has one of those cocks that super hard and when its like that there is nothing you can do apart from jerk it slowly and show it off so that is exactly what he does! He Jerks his dick whilst lying down and then kneels up on the bed, showing off his perfect physique beautifully before standing proudly above the camera! He shows off his hole before relaxing back on the bed where he jerks hard and cums even harder!

Really, I was not expecting such a big load and such a heavy shooter from such a small guy! He pumped his cum over his head, in his face and up his chest! This really is one for the cum shot hall of fame.

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Sean Stavos and Cavin Knight are naked on the set of Hard Friction Live. Sean is already hard, so Steve directs Cavin to suck Sean’s cock. Cavin returns the favor by face fucking Sean while straddled over him on the sofa, his bubble butt bouncing with each thrust exposing his tight, pink hole. Hairy Sean wants a taste of that hole and spreads Cavin’s cheeks wide. He licks and tongue-fucks Cavin’s hole making it ready for his throbbing cock. Sean pounds Cavin from behind as he clutches the sofa arm for support moaning in ecstasy with each powerful thrust. The two horny men are ready to switch places, so Sean lays back holding his legs wide apart so Cavin can rim his hot hole. Sean moans and writhes until Cavin has him well lubed and thrusts in his hard dick to pound his ass with no mercy until Sean blows his big load on his hairy chest. Cavin pulls out and jerks his dick until it spews out his own load. Both men smile happily content.

Life on the battlefield can be tough, so this hard-cocked collection of military boys are letting of some steam with an orgy back at camp. Along for the ride is hairy hottie RJ Danvers, who’s just one of the lucky recruits on the receiving end of a big cock in this video.

Join Antonio and Albert in the hot tub for some steamy one-on-one action in this video. They suck and slam each other both in and out of the water, their bodies dripping with a mix of sweat and bath water. They finish off beside the tub – so dirty they’ll undoubtedly want to jump back in to clean off.

In the dead of night Heath Jordan is pounding his meat. His bunkmate, furball Conner Habib, can’t sleep knowing his buddy is jerking his meat just inches away. Conner asks what’s happening over there and Heath tells him hes all worked up. One thing leads to another and Conner helps his buddy out with a hot blow-job. Heath eats Conner’s ass and then fucks him doggie style. They switch too so Conner takes his turn riding Heath’s butt. Explosions follow as white hot cum fills the air!

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The final installment of After Movie CumFest begins with Damian getting his cock sucked by Koa while Nathan slaps his ass and plays with his nipples. It seems like no matter what position these boys get in, Koa is always taking Damian’s cock in his mouth and Nathan is always going for Damian’s ass. These boys sure know what they like. After some heavy duty cock sucking and ass play Damian gets ready to shoot a hot load of cum and once again Koa is the eager recipient. Damian showers Koa’s face in hot boy cum and Koa takes it like a man.

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