Alex Andrews and Teagan Scott get to know one another a lot better in this scene. Both of these studs have nice bodies, cute faces, and very large, rock hard cocks.

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My Big Fat Dick Party: Samuel O’Toole and his big fat dick have a blast. Watch him ram it into some of the hottest models. Foursome, threesome and watch him cheese it up with a little vampire action. Featuring: Marcus Mojo, Paul Wagner, James Jamesson, Samuel O’Toole, Nate Kennedy, Bryan Cole, Zach Alexander & Tyler Ford. 2257

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Stars: Cole Tristan

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Fantasy Part 1: Tommy Defendi works as a NYC escort making fantasies come true. Antonio Paul uses his first scene to make turn a fantasy to reality – sex in the jungle. Of course next to the size of Tommy’s gigantic boner, the jungle theme fades to the background as Antonio’s tight hole endures a rough and right pounding. DMH – Drill My Hole 2257

Tommy’s slab of meat is definitely to co-worker Hans’ liking – San Francisco Meat Packers – Part 2 – Tommy Defendi & Hans Berlin

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Exntesive gallery of studs exploding in each other faces – Spermshooters – Part 02

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FFUCK BUDS: Brian Bonds came to us from our friend at Mr S Leather. He’s a sexy guy whos into getting his butt STRETCHED. Dolan Wolf happened to be in town for a few days so we put him to work! He fists and punches Brians hole out until his big dick flops out of his jock looking for attention. The with a fist in his ass, Brian gives one back to Dolan! 2257

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Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daniels

Paul is back and fresh from an event. Its been a little while since I’ve seen this stud and Im happy that he is paired up with Skyler today. Skyler still has his farmers tan but we’ll forgive him after seeing his ass plowed by Paul. Lets get to it.

The boys strip down to their underwear and Paul tries to go right in for Skylers cock. Not so fast, wheres the kiss?! He pops up and starts intimately kissing Skyler. He then gets back on his knees and engulfs his dick. Paul has some serious deep throating skills and I wish I could switch places with Skyler. I love watching those big juicy lips of his wrapped around man meat. Paul lies back into the chair and Skyler gets to work on his huge shaft. I dont know how he does it but he manages to get almost Pauls entire rod into his mouth. Skyler treats that shit like a lollipop; licking, sucking, and drooling all over it.

After getting the dick nice and slippery, Skyler slips his ass right on it. He rides it. He bounces on it until Paul takes over and starts to fuck him hard from below. Paul really rams him, sending Skyler into a moaning fit. Paul bends him over and continues his assault on Skylers ass. Skylers rock hard dick bounces up and down as Paul digs deeper and deeper. The boys make their way over to the bed where Skyler is put on his back where Paul shoves his tongue into his mouth and continues to batter his ass. They both blast gigantic loads onto Skyler. Pau licks up the cum and make his way back up to Skylers lips.

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Chase Austin is a tall smooth college sophomore with a nice swimmers body and an incredibly big cock. The bulge coming out of his swimsuit after hopping out of the pool must be a sight to see!

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Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch

Brazil and Argentina have always had a very long and colourful rivalry on the football pitch, but Shane Hirch and Johny Cruz are determined to bring the two countries together when they don the respective shirts of these two South American giants for a friendly kick-about. Indeed, they appear to maintain more for sporting diplomacy in the space of a few minutes than is usually achieved in your average lifetime given that they’ve soon abandoned the ball in favour of a rather intimate rapprochement – ripping off their shirts (the apparent symbols of their differences) and enjoying a long, lingering session of open-air French kissing whilst dressed in nothing more than their jocks!

Sadly, any hope for an outdoor union between these two handsome beauties is promptly scuppered by the arrival of a heavy, tropical downpour; but by this point both fellows have very clearly been carried away by the passion of the moment, and before you know it they’re engaged in a rigorous session of mutual cock-sucking and ass-rimming. So sit back, relax, unzip – and enjoy the sight of these two beauties engaging in a fabulous kitchen-floor romp that’ll quite easily blow your dick into a premature frenzy!

Indeed, there really is a genuine risk that you’ll have spilled a significant wad of ball-juice long before Hirch finally mounts Cruz’s hungry little ass-hole. No need to worry, however. This superb display of bareback copulation is more than capable of delivering a subsequent blow-out from most fans; and by the time these boys are wanking out their creamy climaxes (most notably Hirch into Cruz’s face!) the chances are your balls will be totally spent!

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