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Hard Cock And Hot Body: Dark-haired twink Damion certainly knows how to treat a cock and get the cum splashing out of it! This boy is one talented dick sucker, and it’s a surprise to us that our hung and uncut stranger on the other side of the wall didn’t flood his throat with semen within moments! Damion gets a delicious treat by the end of this cock sucking though, licking up the juice! Featuring: Damien Harrison. 2257

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I’ve been sick whole week. This autumn weather is killing me. But one have to work. So I switched on my laptop and picked my today’s troubled young man. I was very surprised once I saw him. Very different from what I saw so far with my Dandy project. Piercings, tattoos and tunnels in his ears. One has to like something like this. I am no a fan of it, but this dude has a lot of charisma. Once I summed up his debts, I was surprised that it isn’t that much. Just 17,000 CZK. Usually it is way more. Took me some time to talk him into my kinky wishes. When we started his roommate walk in on us. It gave me even more energy and my dick grow up another few inches. With this killer hard-on I couldn’t wait any longer to pop his cherry. 2257

Koda Cummings is a cute 18 year old from the middle part of the country, and he exudes all of the charm you would expect.

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Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua Johny Cruz & Tom Crua

He’d probably deny it, of course, but young Johny Cruz is clearly in awe of his would-be courier from the moment that hunky Tom Crua walks into the office for interview – and who the fuck can blame him? The tattooed stud is a natural work of art in every single sense; and having taken the time to find the muscled beauty new work clothes, Cruz is then (understandably) hell-bent on getting Crua back out of them! An ambition which he achieves with incredible speed, it has to be said.

As a result, the horny German twink is very soon slurping up and down the length of Crua’s swelling shaft; before our Czech hunk gives Cruz’s dick an equally enthusiastic oral examination. It’s at this point, of course, that you’d be forgiven for assuming that Crua – as the physically dominant of the two lads – will be promptly ploughing into Cruz’s ass-hole for a highly energetic fuck! Such an assumption, however, is soon dispelled when exactly the opposite takes place – Cruz rimming his courier’s ass-hole, then (in effect) making the fellow his bitch by thrusting every inch of his fabulous knob deep inside Crua’s ass-hole!

It’s a somewhat surprising turn of events considering the physiques of the guys involved, but the normal rules of nature are soon restored when the lads flip-flop positions and Crua energetically reams Cruz’s hole in return. What ensues is a no-nonsense session of full-on, animalistic fornication that sees Cruz’s ass-hole pounded like there’s no tomorrow – ultimately resulting in copious quantities of pent-up jizz. In short, a scene that delivers in every sense!

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Tops & Robbers: Trenton catches a hot robber in his hourse & fucks him! Trenton is preparing for his after workout shower while James is creeping up to his house and spying on him from the outside window. Trenton has no clue that James is watching him waiting to break inside. Once out of view James slowly opens the door into the back room and he can hear the shower so he begins to rummage through all the drawers looking for anything to steal. He finds lube and some toys and then some cold hard cash but Trenton can hear someone rustling about and he storms out of the shower to see James going through his pockets. He rushes James pushing him to the side than forcefully grabbing him by the neck and pushing him face first into Trenton’s cock making him suck it. Trenton doesn’t go easy on the robber and face fucks him hard and rough. He rips his shirt off than throws him on to the bed and flips him around and shoves his cock deep inside. Trenton stomps on James head as he fucks him hard and rough for some good leverage. James can’t get away and is taking a pounding in every hole that Trenton wants to use. James will be sure not to ever rob someone again. 2257

Bad Ass Is a cocky lil mixed Dude who wanted to be in a video. He’s super hairy and uncut. He was kind of nervous at first, but once he kicked back and relaxed with the video he was watching he quickly got rock hard and was ready to go. He took charge and made me suck his dick till he shot his funky load all in my face.
Dick Smack Is a mature redneck dude, who snuck out on his old lady to appear in a video. His dick was rock hard when he slid his pants down…And Black Joe could hardly stand it.
20 yr old DJ Stopped by and decided he was going to show Joe a Hood fucking. His dick is already hard as he slides down his sweat pants, and he face fucks Joe before flipping him over and fucking him, shooting his load down his throat.

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Stars: DJ

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Fuck Taz is back with blonde Florida twink, Jayden Swift. Watch these two boys get busy. 2257

Hot twinks begin the action outdoor and come inside for more – Huge Monster Dick – Lubomir & Marek

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Part 1 - Landon Conrad & Rylan Knox - Intensity

Landon Conrad and Rylan Knox are standing in a whirlpool tub, kissing and stroking each other’s cocks. The contrast of Rylan’s taut swimmer’s physique versus Landon’s hairy chest and awesome musculature adds a cock teasing daddy-boy vibe. Landon’s thick endowment fills Rylan’s face, his lips creating a perfect seal as he bobs his head to work the entire shaft. They swap places. Rylan has a dick that measures two handfuls, and Landon’s mouth takes charge. Another flip; Rylan expertly deep throats Landon’s girthy cock. Landon shoots his load and expels long ropes of cum that streak across the tub, saving the last shots for Rylan’s face. Rylan jerks and pumps out a well-earned load as his nuts churn the water’s surface.

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Kinky Angels 3 is the ultimate uber-twink collection. Fresh, sexy and uninhibited, watch as the youngest generation of Bel Ami models make their debut in Kinky Angels Part 3! Featuring: Adam Archuleta, Andre Boleyn, Jack Harrer, Alex Orioli, Dario Dolce, Ariel Vanean and Todd Rosset. 2257

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