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Howl Part 3: Logan Moore makes his debut in an amazing threeway with Dato Foland & Colby Keller. The scene is part of the halloween series, Howl. DMH – Drill My Hole 2257

Paul Wagner & Sean Zevran - Crave

Sean Zevran and Paul Wagner stand in the center of the room, licking and groping each other’s muscled bodies. Paul buries his face in Sean’s armpit; Sean accommodates, giving Paul access to that musky scent. Paul works his way south, through the landscape of ridged muscle and furry skin of Sean’s torso, stopping at cock level, where he squeezes and sniffs obsessively over Sean’s massive, throbbing, uncut meat. Paul can’t stand to wait any longer: he inhales Sean’s cock. Sean grabs Paul’s head and fucks his face. Then it’s Sean who’s craving Paul’s cock: Sean’s cheeks massage Paul’s cock as it advances more deeply down Sean’s throat. Sean can’t resist Paul’s hairy ass, and he advances his agenda tongue-first. Grabbing the waistband of Paul’s jock strap like reins, Sean drives his cock home. Paul groans and bucks, thrusting back against Sean’s lunges. After a hard ride, Paul flips onto his back as Sean scatters his seed across Paul’s hairy torso. Paul takes aim at Sean’s face and lets loose with repeated streams of thick, hot cum across Sean’s face.

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Abraham Al Malek & Johnny V - Filthy Fucks

Dark, bearded Abraham Al Malek and muscled, blond Johnny V look like boxers waiting for the ‘ding’ that will send them hurtling on a collision course into center ring. Both are naked from the waist up, but soon they are naked from the waist down, too. Johnny sucks on Abraham’s uncut cock, the balls slapping his chin. Johnny, with his cock dripping precum, squats over Abraham’s face, who eagerly starts sucking Johnny’s cock and eating his ass. Lowering himself onto Abraham’s cock, Johnny starts jacking himself while riding Abraham up and down. It’s a high-energy romp of muscular athleticism, with Johnny’s hole getting an epic pounding. When Johnny looks towards you, the pleasure and pain in his eyes is easy to see. When they reach the peak of pleasure, Johnny pumps out gobs of cum onto his abs while swallowing Abraham’s load.

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My Big Fucking Dick Chad Douglas: Giant cocks from the greatest scenes ever filmed! Featuring: Chad Douglas, Cory Monroe, Jeff Quinn, Lance, Kevin Williams, Brad Mitchell & Leigh Erickson. 2257

Green-eyed Enrico is a sexy bad boy with a pierced tongue and lots of tattoos. Ruda doesn’t care he loves that pierced tongue and loves kissing Enrico. He also loves how that piercing feels when Enrico is sucking his cock while toying with his balls. But he can’t wait to get Enrico’s bare cock in his hole and Enrico can’t wait to shoot his load all over Ruda’s innocent little face!

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That slut Jessica Drew wants to spice things up between her and hot, Latino boyfriend Farius Caine. She invites in young studs Johnny Walker, Kevin Rocha, Paul Black and Rusty Stevenson and the pussy eating, cock sucking and the raw cunt and ass fucking take over until everyone’s desires are fulfilled.

Jason Cooper and Jared Kent are both hardcore athletes – they both love working up a sweat and hanging out with the team mates.

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Jay's first time visiting becomes a great cock sucking threesome with Nimrod and Dee 2257

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Howl Part 2: Leading up to his insane gangbang in part 4 of the Halloween series "Howl", Paddy O’Brian gets fucked tag team style by Gabriel Clark & Jessy Ares. Plenty of rimming gets Paddy’s straight ass reading for one hell of a good ass pounding! DMH – Drill My Hole 2257

Carlos Morales & Enrico Vega - Hole Sweet Hole

An Ass Well Fisted – Raging Stallion pulls off a coup with another show-stopping, standing ovation performance in a pairing that pits Carlos Morales against Enrico Vega in a New Yorker fist-off. Carlos and Enrico have never looked better, and the fisting is really first rate from start to finish. One of the best things about this scene is that both Carlos and Enrico have huge, hard cocks throughout the scene. Some of our competitors like to hide cocks behind jock straps or other flimsy props–not Raging Stallion. Our guys have huge cocks and they are proud of them! And what could be better than a young world-class body builder, laying on his back, hard cock standing straight up, with an open pink hole eagerly begging to be fisted into oblivion? That is the theme of this scene–quality punch-fisting with cocks at attention. Porn is meant to be enjoyed, and this pairing will become a lasting favorite for years to come.

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